Buying computers in Spain, the best shops

buying computers in SpainWhen I first arrived in Spain I wondered: "Where can I buy computer parts and accessories?"

After five years living in Spain I've decided to make a “where to buy” guide for English speakers wanting to buy computers and electrical goods in Spain.


The first thing to know when buying computer parts and accessories in Spain is that you don't really have to speak Spanish. That's because with computer an electronic products the specifications are not translated. Quad Core is called Quad Core the only difference is the pronunciation. Spanish people pronounce all those jargon words using Spanish letter pronunciation. To avoid any problems when you want to buy computers in Spain, just write out clearly what you are looking for. Include brand names and model numbers. You'll find that you don't really need to speak Spanish to get what you want if you can show someone a list of requirements.

The next most important is “where should I buy my computer parts in Spain?”. Buying computer products and accessories in Spain is no different to buy them anywhere else. You need to know what type of buyer you are and what you want. Here is my guide on where to buy Computer products in Spain.

Do you...

  • Want to buy you computer online?

The best place to buy online in Spain is at (which means don't pay too much). There you can search Spainwide for online retailers and select the best according to your buying criteria (price/service etc). Note if you are buying computer products online in Spain, you can use Google to translate the webpage of anything you are buying. Just go here and put the web page in the appropriate box.

Some other online Spanish computer and IT shops are:,

  • Want to buy from a real shop and buy computer part/build you own computers?

The best place (and cheapest) in Spain to buy computer parts separately over a counter is at appinformatica. Youl find the closest appinformatica shop easily at their website. When you buy your computer parts at appinformatica remember you will be buying them from a non English speaker (as I said, that's no problem just be prepared for that). BatchPC comes a close second for buying computer parts in Spain.

  • Want to buy a finished (complete) computer, TV and other electrical appliances from a shop in Spain?

Go to Media Markt. Its a big shop with great prices and a nice buying atmosphere: discount but safe. I don't like the fact you can't see prices online. That's not just in Spain, Media Markt buyers across Europe will encounter that, I guess they want you to go to the store rather than window shop online. Not so common but equally as good (if you cant find a Media Markt nearby) is Saturn.

In Spain I would steer clear of buying from PC City. That's really just because of price (they are generally not that cheap). If there's a PC City close by and your looking for a large selection than it is one of Spains largest computer retailers. You can buy online with PC City.

  • Want to buy a computer with an English operating system in Spain?

Consider buying an Apple Mac. You can buy a MAC online at the Spanish online apple store with English Keyboard, Documentation and OS. Of course you can also buy a Dell in Spain with everything in English. I myself think MACs are far superior but this about where to buy a computer in Spain, not which computer is best.

  • Want to buy a computer with an English operating system in Spain, but don't want to buy online?

The best thing would be to look for people who advertise services to ex pats in your area as most shops won't cater to English speakers. Some English speakers set up their own shops to cater for those English speaker who want to buy computers in Spain. If your on the south of Spain you'll have more of a chance finding someone who sells PC's with an English Operating system.  If your Spanish is good enough you can of course try ebay or the new reverse auction iberboo

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